Kemalpaşa-Turgutlu railway opened

Gulab-Turgutlu railway was opened: Lightning yesterday's mansion Tunnels Gulab-Turgutlu Turkey's largest interchange in Yeşildere the railway connection was opened.
AK Party Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Candidate Binali Yıldırım did not say “2011 Izmir 35 Projects”, which he announced and coordinated in Izmir on behalf of the Government before the 35 general elections. In the meantime, 35 projects of 3 billion lira were awarded from 18 projects. Transportation Binali Yildirim yesterday, along with the Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lufti Elvan, 35 projects will scalpel mansion in the city's traffic ordeal Tunnels in Turkey's largest Yeşildere link bridge has opened an intersection.
Halkapınar-Bus Terminal
Yildirim and Elvan also opened the Kemalpasa-Turgutlu Railway yesterday. Today, it will be Izmir's largest hospital, which is again among 35 projects. Bayraklı Yıldırım and Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu will lay the foundations of the City Hospital. Meanwhile, Yıldırım and Elvan gave the good news that the construction of Halkapınar-Otogar, one of the subway lines included in 35 projects, will start in a very short time. With this line, the number of projects started will increase to 19.
35 of 35 in Izmir Konak yesterday's Yeşildere connection Tunnels Under the project, Turkey's biggest intersection Minister Lutfi Elvan and was opened by Binali Yildirim. Yıldırım undertook the coordination and monitoring of 35 projects during his time at the Ministry, stating that the situation before the intersection was a problem caused by local administrations that did not serve İzmir. Not his fate. But there is no 'Yuh'. They will also benefit from our service. They also need this service. ”
Binali Yıldırım, together with Minister Elvan, also opened the Kemalpaşa Turgutlu Railway, which was included in 35 Izmir 35 Projects. Stating that they built the 30-kilometer railway from Kemalpaşa to Turgutlu in 2.5 years, Yıldırım said, “But 3 kilometers of metro in Izmir could not be built in 10 years. They have not been able to build so many subways in 10 years, and now they say, 'We're going to build 300 kilometers of subway'. Who believes? This is always the case. They promise, but they also forget their promises from it. Today is the day to promise again. The day of throwing out from the pouch.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of Kemalpaşa-Turgutlu Railway, Minister Elvan gave the good news about the Halkapınar-Otogar metro line. Minister Elvan said, “The project work on the construction of the metro between Halkapınar and Bus Terminal, which is important for İzmir, has been completed. Our projects are ready. We got into the investment program. I hope we will start the construction of the project worth 280 million lira soon. We will meet Halkapınar with the bus station. Good luck, "he said.


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