Extremely low inquiries regarding the 6th and 7th part of Kayaş - Irmak - Kırıkkale - Çetinkaya Electrification Project Tender have been completed.

Extremely low inquiries regarding TCDD Kayaş - Irmak - Kırıkkale - Çetinkaya Electrification Project Tender 6 and 7 have been completed.
The extremely low inquiry studies of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) regarding the 6th and 7th parts of the tender for the "Kayaş - Irmak - Kırıkkale - Çetinkaya Electrification Facility" tender have been completed.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; After the commission decision to be taken, the results of the said parts will be announced.
As is known, the first part of the tender was won by Şahin Yılmaz - Emre Ray joint venture with a bid of 1 TL, and the second part was won by Ultra Teknoloji with an offer of 30.368.067 TL. Meanwhile, KİK Siemens A.Ş. He rejected the objection of his firm on 2 December 27.730.000.
As is known, in recent days the tender 3.4.5. Yapı Merkezi company and 8. Ultra Technology company, which is a part of the contract signed. Contract winners and contract prices were as follows:
1. Building Center
3. 24.728.350 Offer
4. 24.606.694 Offer
5. 17.353.953 Offer
2. Ultra Technology - Nuhoğlu Construction
8. 53.450.000 Offer
The approximate cost is 1. 44.063.670 for section, for the part, 3. 36.122.297 lira, 4.parts 36.194.475,50 lira, 5. 25.328.908 for section, 6. for 57.998.073, 7. 55.524.483 for section, 8. The companies that participated in the tender which was determined as 82.315.810 lira for the part were as follows:
1. E + M - Aykon Elektrik 2. Semi (Spanish)
3. Siemens A.Ş. 4. Şahin Yılmaz - Emre Ray
5. Ultra - Nuhoğlu İnş. 6. Building Center
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1169 / 17 February 2014 (APE)



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