Izmir's tram project will contribute to Izmir firms

Izmir's tram project will contribute to the companies in Izmir: Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) Chairman Ender Yorgancılar, Izmir tram project in Izmir to contribute to the companies said they would form clusters.
A meeting was held to promote the materials that Roketsan needed in order to enable the industrialists of İzmir to increase their production quality and standards and to get more share from the defense industry and to contribute to the modernization of the Turkish Armed Forces with domestic production.
Speaking at the opening of the meeting held with the participation of representatives of the chamber members at the EBSO assembly hall, YUSCANI's Chairman Yorgancılar EBSO pointed out that in the past TSK increased the share of Izmir firms in the defense industry after the exhibitions they organized for the determination of various material needs.
Stressing that patience and high quality production are essential for growing in this area, Yorgancılar said that Roketsan's point of view was proud of the Turkish defense industry.
Roketsan Chairman of the Board of Directors retired Lt.General Captain of the meeting in defense industry with a request for support in order to take part in the defense industry of Izmir firms Yorgancılar recorded that the supplier day organizing the Yorgancılar, today the industrialists, Roketsan supplies, the samples will see the opportunity to meet with the engineers reported.
Yorgancılar, who stated that they want to increase the contribution of industrialists from Izmir and Aegean in rail system projects as well as defense industry, said, “Izmir's tram tender was awarded to a company in Bursa. kazanwas. We talked to the company. We will form a cluster so that companies from Izmir can contribute to Izmir's tram project.”
Roketsan Internal Auditing and Regulatory Affairs Manager Ali Sharlak said that 64, the company that carries out the special project, bought 600 thousand pens a year in the amount of 12 million pounds.
The EU is afraid of the dynamism of the Turkish industry, so that the negotiations in the process of public procurement chapters in the defense of the spokesperson who argued, Roketsan'ın similar to the quality of production in the world is very good in terms of quality, he said.


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