Istanbul-Ankara High-Speed ​​Train Line Opens End of May

Istanbul-Ankara High-Speed ​​Line Opens End of May: Despite the expectation that an opening will be held before the elections, last week the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line will be opened by the end of May.
Minister of Transport, said in a statement, completed the line between Eskisehir-Pendik and is still continuing testing. The high-speed test train “Piri Reis“ had begun testing the line in early March. The minister said that the line is currently certified for the speed of 180 km / h, but the commercial speed of the Istanbul-Ankara line will not start until the 250 km / s certification is not received.
The work between Eskişehir and Istanbul is still in progress 266 km. Upon completion of this section, the 542 km between Ankara and Istanbul will be driven at 3 hour. Train 10 will pick up passengers at the stop: Ankara, Polatli, Eskisehir, Bozuyuk, Bilecik, Pamukova, Sapanca, Izmit, Gebze and Pendik. The number of passengers per day is expected to be 50 million, while 17 is the yearly 78 million. This means that the high speed train from the passenger traffic will receive a share of% XNUMX.
The first date for the opening of the line was 29 October 2013. Later, different dates were explained due to the delays in construction.
The minister has even announced that it is planned to make an hourly trip, but can be increased to three hours if demand is insufficient. However, even with a stopover of a train will be possible to complete the 8 hour. In this case, at least 8 sets must be separated for this hourly flight. The TCDD still has a working 11 set and it seems to be difficult to catch all flights, including flights to Konya. TCDD also has an 2017 set order to be completed by Siemens from the end of 7.
The budget of the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line is 8,8 billion. Until the end of 2013 6,28 billion TL was realized. This year 640 million TL will be spent. The project is planned to be completed in 940 by spending 2016 million TL for the next two years.


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