Ilgazda ski season closed

Ilgaz ski season closed: the increase of temperature in Ilgaz, Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter and ski season due to the decline in demand for hotels is closed.

Çankırı Ski Trainers Association President İmdat Half, closed the season, he said.

As in the world and Turkey Ilgaz also stated that they lived half a shortage of snow this year, the ski season is said to be more intense. Explaining that they will make “artificial snow” in case of a low snowfall next season, Half stated that they will implement the project they prepared in June.

Yıldıztepe, Half will be open to summer activities, located at an altitude of 500 thousand Yıldıztepe, Turkey said it was one of the best skiing in the ski resort with a running track. The region's many advantages compared to other centers found half-pointing, "This is different in terms of altitude and position relative to many ski resorts in Turkey and privileged. This is 500 thousand meters. As it is known in Turkey thousand 500 altitude ski no. It is privileged with this feature. We will take advantage of this altitude advantage this year. Our preparations for the summer also continue here. We have football fields. We have an environment where football teams will camp. We will set up tents. Anybody can come and stay in tents. In the summer, we will build bicycle trails. Our nature park was built. Our citizens will be able to come easily on weekends and have a picnic in the beautiful landscape. ” used expressions.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:27

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