IETT | Cebeci-Yenikapı New Bus Line was put into service

Cebeci-Yenikapı New Bus Line was put into service: IETT connected the Anadoyu side to Sultangazi with the new line planned between Cebeci-Yenikapı.
While IETT increased the number of lines to 31 with Cebeci-Yenikapı flights, public transportation in the district was also facilitated. With the Cebeci-Yenikapı line number 50 coming into service; Connection to the Anatolian side was established by providing a transfer to the Marmaray Metro. Cebeci Yenikapı line route number 50 is as follows: “Sultançiftliği, Hal bus station road, Topkapı, Millet Caddesi, Yusufpaşa, Aksaray, Marmaray Metro and Yenikapı”.

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