Huawei Eurasiarail to mark railway technology at 2014

Huawei Eurasiarail will mark railroad technology at 2014: Huawei will introduce the latest safety and technological developments and products in rail transport at the Eurasia Rail 6 exhibition and conference to be held on 8 - 2014 March.
Huawei, the leading global brand in the world of information communications systems, provides a secure business infrastructure for railways, providing passengers with access to services that are comfortable and equipped with advanced technology. At the EurasiaRail Fair and Conference, which will be held at 6 - 8 March, Huawei will be launching its new products and solutions in the field of urban and intercity rail systems. Holes will be present at the stand in the F10 area. At the EurasiaRail Conference, Huawei will also speak with a speech on the safety of railways.
This year, you can get information about GSM-R, eLTE, SDH and IVS solutions and application areas at Huawei booth. Huawei, 3 performing separate installation of the GSM-R project in TCDD network in Turkey. In the R & D team of GSM-R and LTE technologies, 4270 engineers are always working to integrate new features into the system.
Last year Turkey's railway investments grew 3 20 percent
2004 increase in the budget allocated to railway investments since 90 has triggered the development of 2 by the country's railway projects in the last 10 year. 3 total railway investment in Turkey in the past year grew by 20%. brand Huawei provides the majority of wireless voice and data communications infrastructure of the railways in Turkey, trains on the railway lines, ground staff and other personnel of the operation based on sound and edited to ensure safe data communication is carrying out a wireless communication system recognized worldwide.
20 Thousand Mileage Huawei Signature on Railway
Huawei, one of the proven providers of GSM-R solutions, has a market share of 2012 in the GSM-R market at 13 and serves on the 20.650 kilometer-long railway line worldwide.
Huawei will be at the EurasiaRail 2014 Fair, 10. Hol and F7 will be located in the stand area.




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