Sarıgül How to Solve the Traffic Problem of Istanbul

How Sarıgül Will Solve Istanbul's Traffic Problem: Republican People's Party Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Mustafa Sarıgül explained how to solve the traffic problem of Istanbul.
Transportation was locked in Istanbul. We will solve this problem with light rail and metro. In 20 years, the metro in Istanbul is 68 kilometers. Whereas, 18 kilometers of subway could be built in Shanghai in 437 years, and 10 kilometers in New Delhi in 190 years. We will build 5 kilometers of subway in 200 years. We will build transfer centers that will ensure the integration of light rail systems and metro. These transfer centers will have free parking lots and shopping units. It will also be a connection point for sea transportation. We are also doing a 'havaray' work on E-5. Their resources are also ready. At the end of the 5th year, Istanbulites will feel that the traffic is relieved, he said.


Günceleme: 25/11/2018 19:02

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