High-Speed ​​Train Project in Turkey

High Speed ​​​​Train Projects in Turkey: A serious acceleration in the field of transportation in the world in the last 20 kazanIn particular, we see that (YHT) High Speed ​​​​Train Projects have reached the level to compete with air transportation.
In China and Japan, high speed train projects with an speed of 460 Km are completed and put into service.
In recent years in our country, projects have been made on railroad and HVP projects with a considerable amount of budget, and no one can ignore it.
High speed train flights are currently being carried out in our country. For example, Ankara offers a safe and time-saving journey between Konya and almost half the time of the bus. this is worthy of praise.
When the Sivas Ankara high-speed train project is finished, it will be possible to go to Ankara from Sivas in a little more than two hours. Our citizens who have an official job in Ankara during the day will finish their work and return to Sivas on the same day. kazanI think it is.
Considering that even now, it takes 11 hours from Sivas to Ankara with the normal rail passenger transport system, we will see how meaningful the High Speed ​​Train Project is.
However, there is a very important deficiency, unfortunately, 84% of the freight and passenger transportation of the developed countries in our world is by rail and high-speed train, and this situation occurs in our country on the contrary, that is, only 6% are done in our country. we can't race.
We recommend as an emergency measure; We are urgently required to take the necessary steps to complete the High Speed ​​Train Projects.
When we examine the physical and geographical situation of our country, 50 billion dollars are required for the completion of High Speed ​​Train Projects. We say that this budget must be taken out and put into practice urgently. Then .. WHERE CAN WE SAY…
Our country is surrounded by three sides of the sea with enemies on all sides as in every area of ​​the transportation need to be strong in the work you need to be done above we wish to be good for our country.

Abdullah PEKER
Transport and Railway Union
deputy leader

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  1. This type of news, the discourse is good, nice, nice ta, a little bit on the ground, the reality must reflect the ground. Particularly filling the words of speed and record (Two points are important: (1) Speed ​​record is what we call; The main news we call world-wide TV prime time is that we cannot buy for millions of money, free of charge. (2) Technical real / reality, feasibility. In normal HVLs, a set + normal navigation path and line is used with 5 - 7 (-14) wagons according to the flow rate of the line. However, when we say a record; The 1 train set consists of the 2 driven, 1-2 YHT wagon. The 2) record will be broken for several weeks with the new 25-45 (3) part of the line. 30 is a result that is kept as a result of the braking distance after being held stationary for seconds. The cost of a record attempt is at least two-digit million… So it doesn't break once every year, every corner.

  2. Theoretically, v = 1.000 km / h is also possible (see Swiss-Metro project). REVOLUTION real / real situation: No need to mix the speed of the record, maximum / maximal speed, normal navigation, ie the speed of operation. The nature, technique, and the theories of economics and theories are clear. The maximum speed we can reach is 500 km / h. In the daily life of YHT today, we do the 200 - 300 (320) km / h. Beyond that, the only thing that doesn't know where to throw the money is to see the oil rich. Unfortunately, physics, aerodynamics, and economics theories dictate it like this, and it's true all over the world.