Level crossing keepers outsourced

Level crossing guards were subcontractors: An important detail was pointed out in the terrible accident in Mersin. “The points where the railway and highway meet are not safe. Road transport should be provided by underpasses and overpasses. "The intersections of highway and railway should be canceled."
Stating that the tragedy was caused by the level crossing, BTS Adana Branch President Özkan pointed out that 67 is the level crossing point on the Adana-Mersin railway which is 33 km.
Every two kilometers ...
Kan There's a level crossing at every 2 kilometer. The transition at these points is provided by automatic passage or gate guard. Level crossings are not safe, road transport should be provided with underpasses and overpasses. Accident traffic occurred in a busy area, the intersection of roads and railways should be canceled, ”he said.
Salary less, long time
Özkan stated that the parade guard who works during the accident works in the subcontractor company. “The subcontractor worker works daily for 12 hours, his salary is very low. The gatekeepers are numerically inadequate and cannot exercise their rights. When they go to the organization, they face the danger of being fired. They work under difficult conditions and the risk of making mistakes increases. ”


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