Haydarpasa Excavation Warehouse

Haydarpaşa Excavation Warehouse: Due to the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, which will reduce Istanbul-Ankara to 3 hours, the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station was closed last year as you know… The train services have been stopped for two years, during which time Haydarpaşa will be restored and the burning roof will be repaired. It was announced that the exterior will be renewed in accordance with its original. When the restoration project started, an interesting image came from Haydarpaşa the day before.
TCDD Logistics Directorate operating in Haydarpaşa Railway Station showed that the excavation was dumped about 1 km long and 7-8 meters high in the region where the Emergency Complaints Line came. The Istanbulites, who could not make sense of this view, sent this square you see above ... And they also sent the following message: “ When we say that the historical station will be restored, where did this come from? Transforming the interior of the station into an excavation warehouse, this resulting image pollution is very disturbing. It is a pity that such an important place for Istanbul has become this. ”
How is the historic station converted into a dump site? Allegations are flying in the air. Some say the area is rented out to a company, some claim that the excavation of the excavation area of ​​Tuzla is poured for the area. However, I have learned that the excavation of the station was removed from the subway construction in the region. They are said to be removed soon. Let's see if he'il be removed.

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