Harameyn railway will be available at 2016

Harameyn railway will be ready at 2016: Harameyn railway project that will connect Saudi Arabia's Mecca and Medina cities will be completed in 2016.
Mohammad al-Suveyket, the head of the Saudi Railways Organization, said earlier that the project would end in December 2015.
According to local media reports, El Suveyket said that up to now, only 50 of the project could be completed and trains would be tested in 2015. Previously, the cost of 11,1 billion dollars projected and cost of the project to pass through Jeddah and 14 billion dollars were reviewed again. It is noted that the speed of trains can reach up to 360 kilometers per hour.
In the first phase of the project, ground works, bridges and tunnels are being constructed. El Raci Union, which consists of China Railway Construction Company, El Arrab Company and El Suveylem Company, took over this phase.
The Saudi-Spanish consortium assumed the second phase of the project, which will find the total length of the 450 kilometer. In the second phase, rails, signaling, electrical and communication systems will be studied and the 2015 will be finished to the end. The consortium will also be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the line throughout the year.


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