The route of the National High Speed ​​Train Project became clear

The route of the National High Speed ​​Train Project has been determined: The route of the National High Speed ​​Train Project has been determined. The train, which will be opened first on the Ankara-Sivas line, will reduce the two provinces to 2 hours.
The route of the National High Speed ​​Train Project, which was introduced last month, has been determined. The train, which will be opened on the Ankara-Sivas line for the first time, is preparing to connect the east and the west of the country. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will surprise both Ankara and Sivas people regarding the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which is still in progress.
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Sivas railways, which have an important place in the history of the Republic, will find the place they deserve with the national train. With the end of the project, a line will be established between Istanbul-Ankara-Sivas. The Ankara-Sivas section is planned to be completed in 2017, and after the implementation of the project, the length of the existing 602 railway line will be reduced to 405.
Travel time between the two provinces will decrease from 12 hours to 2 thanks to YHT. With the launch of Ankara-Istanbul line, it will be 5 hours between Istanbul and Sivas. Turkey's most important port and the railway freight and passenger traffic carried by the metropolises of Sivas, will reinforce the importance of the YHT-owned geographically.
National Railway Project in the Republic of Turkey as the main responsible State Railways (TCDD) were determined. In the project, four different working groups were created with the theme of National High Speed ​​Train, National Electric and Diesel Train Set, National New Generation Freight Wagon. In all of these projects, it was reported that a total of 280 people will work, including 56 scientists, 520 thousand engineers, 856 technical and administrative experts. The interior and exterior design of the national trains is completely prepared by considering Turkish aesthetics.
3 factories of TCDD will take part in the construction of national trains. High Speed ​​Train construction is carried out by TÜLOMSAŞ, Electric and Diesel Train sets and TÜVASAŞ developed freight wagons and TÜDEMSAŞ. Istanbul Technical University, Aselsan and 153 private sector companies are among the solution partners of the project. TÜBİTAK is also engaged in R&D. Turkey's national project, YHT, Turkey is shown as icons that reached a major force in the railways.
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