Children's train was put into service in Giresun

The children's train was put into service in Giresun: Giresun Municipality's children's train set up in Atatürk Square for children was put into service for young children to have fun and spend time.
According to the information of the Electronic News Agency (e-ha) correspondent, during his tenure, Giresun Mayor Kerim Aksu made his children laugh with a train.
President Aksu, who took the children sitting in the wagons around Atatürk Square after the train was put into practice, sat in the driver's seat of the train and said, “It is an event for the weekends at the moment, but we plan to do this on weekdays in the summer. This train, which only our children can use, is completely free. Our children who come to Atatürk Square with their families can easily benefit from this service here. It doesn't cost a lot of money, but the faces of our little kids are worth everything. . With this train, we have brought another special activity for our children. " said.
Citizens who expressed their views on the children's train said, “This square, which we were afraid to cross after a certain hour, has now become an area where we families can spend their time with their children. The children's train also added color here. Our city has come to life. We do not view this square as a service. This place became a living space for us. We would like to thank our Kerim president and his team for bringing us all these services. We can say that much, Giresun's Kerim President is enough for Giresun. We believe that our hardworking president will bring more services to this city. We are his supporters. " they spoke.
Having spent a long time here, Aksu left the region by transferring his duties as a mechanic to the officer.



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