Crazy project from AK Party, E-5 funicular line with Avcılar coast

Funny project from the AK Party, E-5 and the funicular line Avcılar coastline: AK Party Avcilar Mayor Candidate Bayram Senocak, if the mayor of the E-5 and the funicular line to connect the coast of Avcılar announced.
AK Party Avcilar Mayor Candidate Bayram Senocak, the number of days ahead of the election began to explain the project. One of the biggest problems of Avcılar, one of the projects to solve the transportation problem funicular line with detailed explanations found. Bayram Şenocak said that there is a sloping geography between the coastline and the center of Avcılar, our citizens did not prefer this way of sea transportation and social activities. Now this project will solve a big problem in terms of transportation said.
Funicular line, which will be made in the new Avcılar Central Metro, Denizköşkler'de and Avcılar beach, stating that the three stops Bayram Senocak, "Citizens will provide a comfortable transportation between the center and the coast with this project," he said. Avicılar's services have been deprived of service for years, expressed Şenocak, the AK Party and the stars of the Avcılar will shine again and will become a brand city, he said. About the Funicular: The funicular is a rail transport vehicle. On a slope like a mountain or hill, it works by pulling the ropes upwards. Simultaneous use of two separate vehicles works with the principle that the wagons affect each as a counterweight.

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