Full Synthetic Engine Oils Produced from Natural Gas by Shell PurePlus Technology in New Shell Helix Portfolio

Fully Synthetic Engine Oils Produced from Natural Gas with Shell PurePlus Technology In the New Shell Helix Portfolio: Shell Mineral Oils introduces the new Shell Helix Ultra, a fully synthetic engine oil produced from natural gas with unique Shell PurePlus technology. Within the renewed Shell Helix Engine Oils portfolio, the Shell Helix Ultra product range offers industry-leading cleaning and protection of up to 3, thanks to groundbreaking Shell PurePlus and Active Cleaning Technologies, while delivering fuel economy up to XNUMX.
7 years of liderixnumx Turkey and global lubricants industry, which Shell Lubricants, Shell Helix Motor Oils restructuring offered family of products for sale in Turkey. In the renewed portfolio; There is also the new fully synthetic Shell Helix Ultra passenger car engine oils, the patented Shell PurePlus technology product, which makes it possible to produce a pure and clean base oil2, free of contaminants from crude oil. Combining Shell PurePlus and Active Cleaning Technologies, the new Shell Helix Ultra offers more powerful protection against sediment; low viscosity, low friction performance and low evaporation formula provide fuel economy up to 3%.
Regarding the renewed Shell Helix Engine Oils product family, Seyfettin Uzunçakmak, General Manager of Shell & Turcas Mineral Oils, said: “While developing our products, we take into account the innovations in the automotive and industrial sectors and the demands of our customers. As a result of automakers' efforts for higher performance and the latest developments in engine technology, there is a serious trend towards fully synthetic motor oils. Drivers, too, have demands for an engine oil that provides high performance, superior protection and fuel economy. For this reason, we restructured our Shell Helix product portfolio with the approval of leading automobile manufacturers and simplified it to facilitate product selection, while we renewed our most advanced fully synthetic engine oil to date, Shell Helix Ultra. Our Shell Helix Ultra engine oil, produced with pure and clean base oils derived from natural gas, is a perfect example of our innovative and need-oriented product development approach.
New era in synthetic motor oils: Unique Shell PurePlus Technology and new Shell Helix Ultra
A pure and clean base oil is obtained from natural gas with the unique Shell PurePlus Technology that breaks ground in the lubricants industry. Thanks to this pure base oil, which does not contain contaminants in crude oil, Shell manufactures engine oils that perform well above industry standards. Thanks to Shell Helix Ultra, PurePlus and Active Cleaning Technologies, it has better viscosity stability, cleaning property and evaporation resistance compared to the engine oils produced with traditional Group II and Group III base oils, and provides engine cleaning which is not possible with other base oils. protection and performance.
Benefits of Shell Helix Ultra
Superior cleaning: Shell Helix Ultra provides% 65 better piston cleaning compared to industry standards, keeping the engine close to the first day's cleaning compared to 4 and other engine oils. 5
Superior protection: Shell Helix Ultra, with its high viscosity stability, optimizes viscosity and provides superior protection against wear compared to other oils and extends the life of the engine.6
High performance: Shell Helix Ultra has a low viscosity, low friction performance and low evaporation formula, which provides fuel economy of up to 3%.
Refurbished Shell Helix Engine Oils Product Family
Shell Helix Motor Oils Product Family, which is simplified as a result of the restructuring of the portfolio, has three different product groups. Shell Helix General Product Group has a complete portfolio of engine oils ranging from fully synthetic engine oils approved and recommended by the world's leading car manufacturers to products that meet old vehicle specifications. Shell Helix ECT (Emission Compliant Technology) Product Group was developed with a technology that helps protect the emission system of diesel particulate filter vehicles, while Shell Helix Professional Product Group was developed in accordance with the special requirements of the engine manufacturers.
1. Compared to the industry reference oil, ACEA M 111 has been proven with fuel economy results.
2. PETDER 2013 Mineral Oils Report and Global Lubricants Report prepared by Kline & Company independent research company for 2012 were taken as reference.
3. The base oils constituting the 60-80 of the final product are the most important components.
4. Average percentage based on ILSAC GF-5 and Sequence IIIG tests using 30W-5 engine oil.
5. The Sequence VG soot test results using 0W-40 engine oil have been proven.
6. Sequence IVA and Sequence VII engine tests performed in an independent laboratory were compared with API SN oils.

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