Ford Cargo to be Moved by Turkish-Russian Partnership (Photo Gallery)

Ford Cargo 's to be transported to the Russian-Turkish Partnership: Ford entering with the transport tender opened by Russia Gefco Gefco Turkey won Russian proposing multimodal transport. The project produced in Eskisehir Inonu Plant Ford Cargo trucks GEFCO transferred to the port of Samsun on Turkey delivered by the factory. Following temporary port services, weekly shipments are provided to ship trucks to the Russian Port of Novorossysk. At the terminal, where GEFCO operates at Novorossysk Port, the vehicles are delivered by GEFCO Russia and transferred to the final delivery points in Russia.
GEFCO on the subject of Turkey General Manager Fulvio Villa Russian market is important to them and said they want to increase their share in this market. He said that he expects the cooperation with Ford Cargo to continue and he said that projects with many pillars such as this partnership have motivated them more.
Finished Vehicle Logistics GEFCO Turkey from the year 2002 international and domestic transportation and related distribution, demonstrates its expertise to provide comprehensive services such as special logistics solutions and storage area. Vehicle Logistics Centers in Izmit and Bursa provide services in accordance with international standards and provide facilities such as pre-delivery inspection, 24 hour security, state-of-the-art IT systems and a qualified team to meet all the needs of automotive customers.


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