Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center Will Open on March 19

Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center to Open on March 19: TCDD General Directorate announced that Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center will be opened on 19 March with the participation of Transport, Maritime and Communication Minister Lütfi Elvan.
According to the written statement made by TCDD General Directorate, Eskişehir / Hasanbey Logistics Center will be opened at 19 on Wednesday, March 10.30 with the participation of Minister Elvan. Before the opening ceremony, Elvan and the accompanying delegation will examine the Eskisehir High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Railway Crossing Project.
Turkey also appealing to the public, and especially near the load potential of the organized industrial zone in 19 2010 covered with high starting point, setting up logistics centers have begun work on the construction of Eskisehir Hasanbey Logistics Centers. The project amount is 100 million 365 square meters, 700 thousand 10 square meters, 180 thousand square meters of enclosure, 1 million cubic meters of filling area, 3 million cubic meters of the projected area, XNUMX thousand meters of environment.
Eskisehir, which will enter service on March 19 / 1,4 Hasanbey Turkey Logistics Center Logistics Sector million tons carrying capacity, Türikye to 541 500 thousand square meters of logistics space and people providing jobs.



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