A huge city is being established on top of Erciyes, is Kayseri ready for this?

A huge city is being established on top of Erciyes, is Kayseri ready for this: "You came to Kayseri on the coldest day of the year. they say. There is a solid cold in the middle of the day. I look at Erciyes, it looks hazy, it is obviously snowing.

Kayseri Erciyes AS Chairman of the Board and General Manager I met Murat Cahit Cıngı and KAYSO on the night they hosted Danish skiers to promote their facilities in Erciyes. We couldn't get to the mountain from the clutter, and we signed the next visit. İPZ Anatolia for the Kayseri conference a day before going to the city listening to the type of snow. I kept my promise to the Cıngı. When I saw the investment in Erciyes, I gained a strong opinion that it will be famous for its winter sports center as well as the industrial city of Kayseri.

The future of Erciyes changed in 2005 with the Metropolitan Municipality Law. The mountain was taken within the borders of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality with its one piece title of 26 million square meters. For this reason, the master plan is done while the whole mountain is thought thin.

Although our vehicle is two-lane road type altitude 2215 easily reaches the place. The road is quite busy because it overcomes the mountain and continues to Develi. The 100 million for the Erciyes Ski Center is planned to invest a total of 300 million euros from the municipality. The Cıngı. Even 80 percent of the ski infrastructure is completed. The whole year is expected to end in 2 year. 33 piste, Hisarcık, Develi, Hacılar and Tekir Gate is reached through the entrance gate 4. Winter sports fans are waiting for a different surprise at every door. General Manager Murat Cahit Cıngı says that they are working with the Austrian consulting firm ACT for the location and design of the center. Approved at 2009 where Erciyes can be a ski resort. The opening of the first mechanical facilities is 2011.

Things do not end with the opening of the mechanical plant of course. The shops in the mountains were demolished and social spaces and eating areas were planned around the pond. Water and electricity networks were installed and the waste water was connected to the city system and sent to the treatment facility. No expense was avoided for the comfort and safety of skiers.

The mountain must have its own rules

Dr. Murat Cıngı, "the world's most famous ski resorts, skiing to satisfy a professional ski skiers have quality facilities," he says. Iyor 3400 slides down from 10 to 10. Experts, our center with many features in the world rankings will enter the first XNUMX says.

Accommodation in ski resorts is one of the most important issues. For this reason, apart from the existing hotels, the sale of land for the 21 hotel was made. 2 17 28 6 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX The promotion of the region will be made after the construction is completed.

In the ski center, the 20 kilometer is accessible by lifts, mechanical facilities and runways, so it is possible to return to the area of ​​hotels again in different places.

There is no international direct flight to Kayseri, but the center is very close to Kayseri airport. Besides, it is possible to attract the attention of 3 million tourists coming to Cappadocia to the ski resort. The length of the stay of tourists in the region extend the 2,8 day with attractive holiday packages. Among the objectives of Murat Cıngı. Another factor that makes the package attractive is the low cost of entry to the center.

Erciyes, suitable for congress tourism halls, general manager Cıngı'nun natural doping with the air of athletes and football teams will be the choice of. Erciyes as a ski resort as desired to pass the sports literature will cause many changes in the city. A hospital specialized in ski accidents, logistics centers and competent human resources will be needed.

Research shows that they are proud of their citizens and that they are passionate about their city. An ambitious ski resort means more foreigners, meaning that it will touch both the numerical multiplicity and the social fabric. The change in the mountains will directly affect Kayseri with opportunities and risks. With the Erciyes ski center, Kayseri needs to be prepared for the future with opportunities and risks.


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