Erbil Diyarbakir railway line project is on the agenda

Erbil Diyarbakir railway line project is on the agenda: AK Party Diyarbakir Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Ensarioglu, Diyarbakir by connecting Arbil to a commercial junction on the agenda of the railway project will make a link, he said.
The meeting point of civilizations, legacy excitement continues in Diyarbakir, the city of legends. AK Party, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ensavli AK Party and the region will give the good news of a project that will revive Diyarbakir. Ensarioglu said that the railway line project that will connect Arbil to Diyarbakir is on the agenda. Ensarioğlu said, Kürt The railway that can be reached directly from Diyarbakır to Erbil will enable Iraqi Regional Kurdish Administration to reach ports through Diyarbakır. This is a project that we must own. The realization of the project will also make a great contribution to the city's economy. Pro
Stating that the project will also contribute to the social political integration and solution process between regions, Ensarioğlu said, “In order to realize the project, both Erbil and the Prime Minister have to be saved. It is also necessary to persuade international circles. ” Ensarioğlu said, “There is serious work on this subject. Especially financial circles have been working on the project for about 1 year. It is not yet approved by the government and Erbil. However, this stands before us as an important project we will demand ”.

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