EMBARQ Seeking Resolution for Istanbul Traffic (Video)

EMBARQ Istanbul Traffic Solutions Seeks: EMBARQ Turkey Consult Ali, Chairman, Istanbul is büyeü the traffic problem even bigger, EMBARQ Turkey Director Arzu mullet also says that the condition for the promotion of alternative means of transport available and bicycle use.
The conference “Transforming Transportation 2014” organized jointly by the World Bank and EMBARQ non-governmental organization was held recently. The 2-day conference, held at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, hosted transport experts, local administrators and private sector representatives from all over the world.
Discover the urban traffic problems, social and environmentally sustainable solutions and the importance of the conference examined successful examples from around the world to produce, Turkey as well. Consult Ali, Chairman of the Board of EMBARQ Turkey. The Danis told the Voice of America:
Tüketim In later developing countries, like us, the model is the same repetition of consumption patterns in the west, rather than using the experiences in the west. Increasing the number of vehicles per man and making roads. However, there were serious studies on the serious economic consequences of the mistakes made in this direction in the west and how badly it affected the quality of life. 10-20 is not the 50-60 spreading out of the center, especially in western developed markets all over the world. While there is such a fact, when we can take advantage of those experiences, we get up and let Istanbul grow further, and we set out with the discourses of not one but two Istanbul, which raises the problems further. Böyle
There are currently metrobus in Istanbul. Will these be the tools of the solution?
Ları Of course all means of public transport are the means of solution. But these public transport solutions need to be integrated. Already the only solution is not public transportation. To reduce environmental pollution as much as possible, to meet people's transportation needs in a healthy way. And there's a walk in it, and a bike. Ki
Metrobüs is used as a transportation vehicle by 750 thousand people every day in Istanbul. However, according to Embarq, there is much more to this step that changes the dynamics of the city. Sustainable Transport Association is a non-profit NGO that aims to provide solutions for urban transportation problems. For the association operating in the 6 country in the world, Istanbul has undoubtedly been one of the most important target cities. Tabby desire, director of Turkey's institutions and expressed the following views:
Uz With our 9 team of people, we are a non-governmental organization established to find solutions to urban transportation problems in different cities such as Istanbul, Eskisehir and Antalya. And we get our source from Bloomberg Philanthropies through the World Resources Institute in Washington. We also benefit from project-based support. We've got a team on the field. We do our analysis with our engineers and offer examples of solutions to local governments in the world. We made accessibility and road safety analysis of the 52 km metrobus line. That is to say, we provided analysis to answer the question of how to prevent traffic accidents from different age groups, citizens with disabilities, healthy citizens, and how to prevent traffic accidents. Bu
EMBARQ Turkey, and one of the projects he worked on nowadays, biking as a means of transportation plans to put the İstanbullular'ın life:
Uz We are working on the bicycle path project, which has been integrated with safe public transport in Istanbul for the past year. We started with the support of the Dutch consulate and we work with İSPART and IMM. For the Turkish cities in the second half of this year we'll create a safe bike path guide. The interest in cycling is increasing day by day. NGOs work, organizations like us and us are working. A lot of expectation, lots of demand. The bike path perceived as only beachfront resort in Turkey is not the place for sports. We are conducting studies to be taken as a mode of transport.
According to Arzu Tekir, incorporating bicycles into urban life does not only increase urban security by 60, but also has a high economic return. population in Turkey has increased 2002 2012 percent from the xnumx'y. The vehicle is owned by 12. These numbers reveal the cause of the traffic and make the solution to the transportation problems vital.


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