The Road Problem of Dereli Village Solved

The Road Problem of Dereli Village Solved: Governor Dr. Mehmet Oduncu, to reach the fields from the villages of the D inin 400 Highway on the junction of the residents of the village of Dereli who want to listen to the demands of the village visited Dereli. Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Mehmet Yanık, Highways 5. Branch Manager of Regional Directorate Alptekin Ağca and Terrain Engineer Burkay Şimşek and Dereli Village to the Governor Oduncu, Village Headmen and listened to the village. Village Headman İlhami Taş, village residents on the opposite side of the road to go to the fields said they wanted the intersection.
Highways 5. Branch Manager of the Regional Directorate of Alptekin Ağca, before the residents of the village in the request of the intersection of the request for the crossroads to the place where the intersection 400 meters down to the Dereli Village Junction is made, although Dereli Village Junction 400 meters ahead just to reach the road from a shorter distance to the road is requested , 700 meters ahead of the Çona Village Junction and these two intersection between 1100 meters, the interstate roads 3500 meters should be an intersection, stating that it is not possible to make the desired point in terms of legislation and traffic safety in terms of traffic said.
Governor Mehmet Oduncu in a statement to the residents of the village, the residents of the village they want to solve the road problem, but according to the law and that they have to act within the framework of safety of life, legislation and traffic safety due to the desired location of the intersection is not possible, he said. In order to solve the problem in another way, exchanging opinions with the residents of Dereli Village. After passing the intersection of Dereli Village, Mehmet Oduncu has instructed the low bank adjacent to the Highway to build a service road which can be used by agricultural vehicles.
The inhabitants of the village stated that the road to be built would solve their problems, and the Governor Dr. They thanked Mehmet Woodcutter.



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