Railway Line Warning

Warning on the Railway Line: General Directorate of State Railways Administration 2. Regional Directorate, Eskişehir-Ankara railway line will be applied against weeds warned the citizens will be applied.
In the statement made, it was stated that chemical weed spraying is carried out against the self-grown grasses that affect the pulling and pulling rail vehicles in the negative direction to protect the ballast cleaning on the railway lines with the special train of spraying and under the supervision of expert personnel. In the explanation that all the necessary precautions are taken in order to prevent the suspension to be used in chemical weed spraying in terms of human and animal health in the environment, the animal should not be grazed and weed harvested for a week after 10 meters of the railway line. The disinfection will be done on the Ankara - Eskişehir railway route on March 26, 2014. Sagging may occur on these dates according to the wind and precipitation conditions. For this reason, it is dangerous in terms of life and property safety to approach 24 meters from the railway line from March 25, on March 10, until March XNUMX. ”


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