Darıca School Street Tunnel Shaped

Darıca School Street Tunnel Shaped: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Darıca'da School Street dividing the High-Speed ​​Train route to cross the railway tunnel was made. School Street and Topçular Street separating the railway from each other with the study was connected to the tunnel. In the study which was started in the school and in Topçular Street, a tunnel was built under the railway by bored piles on both sides of the streets.
The tunnel, which was made in the form of a sinking out, was designed in the form of departure. Previously, there was room for the underpass in the street section of the railway. Following the bored piles, the middle section of the road was also included in the sank. Work was carried out on the floor of the tunnel where the tunnel sank. Wall panels are formed at the side of the tunnel.
230 meters in the 7 meter wide projection tunnel width. The width of the road is 4 meters and the project will include one and a half meters wide pavement. In the project, the first layer will be laid 2 thousand 500 tons, the second 200 thousand tons, the third layer 12 bin 300 tons asphalt.

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