D-100 Highway Izmit crossing Kandıra Bridge Interchange opened

D-100 Highway Izmit crossing Kandıra Bridge Crossing opened: Highways 1. The official opening of the D-13 Highway Izmit crossing, Kandıra Köprülü Junction, which was started by 100 months ago and was opened to traffic for the construction of our city by the Regional Directorate, was carried out jointly with the two intersections. Together with Kandıra Bridge Interchange called Akçakoca
The hospital bridge crossing at Derince and the Casted Interchange at the Gulf were also officially held. A total of 72 million TL was spent for the three-bridge intersection. 1050 million TL was spent for the 30 meter long Akçakoca Interchange.
Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık, Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca, Kocaeli Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Highways 1. Regional Director İsmail Kartal, AKP Provincial President Mahmut Çivelek, Izmit Mayor Nevzat Doğan, AKP Izmit District President Ali Korkmaz, Körfez Derince, Başiskele, İzmit District District Governors, mayors and district prokotu participated. AKP's bridge openings have also been an important investment show for AKP members.
Meanwhile, the construction of the Goodyear Junction will begin in the coming days to relieve the flow of traffic on the D-100. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will undertake the construction of this intersection project. In the vicinity of this junction, Köseköyş was also sunk to the area in the Işıklar area, and a new bridge crossing is planned in an area in the D-100 Derince passage.
Governor Ercan Topaca pointed out that transportation is one of the most important problems of the cities with the increase of urbanization. The process of making the bridge was quite problematic. When we presented the situation to Nihat Ergün, we started the crossroads by transferring resources from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology to the Ministry of Finance and then to the Ministry of Transport. I would like to thank everyone who took part in the construction of the bridge. It is an important gain for our city. Kent
At the beginning of 2013, Science reminded that they will give 7 junction to Kocaeli. Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık said, “We have completed them all this year. We put it in service. Someone's talking. We produce the service. 7 to the junction 180 million TL. We have spent. They say there is corruption in the country. Pathway corruption does not coexist. If there is road there is no corruption. If the 180 million works of art are put into service, those who seek corruption are not in vain. 10 7 year in this country who could not make the intersection of people who saw the XNUMX junction a year. We thank you for your support. We are satisfied with this. The train will be in service of the people of Kocaeli at the end of May. Çalış
Minister Fikri Işık gave the name of the Ottoman Commander Akçakoca who had conquered the Izmit region to the Kandıra Bridge, which had cost 30 million pounds, and who had his tomb in Kandıra. After Fikri Isik's speech, the protocol members made the opening of the intersection together.



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