Erciyes Arbitrary of Children in Children and Hope Houses

Erciyes Enjoyment of Children in Hope of Children and Hope: Children and Hope Houses in Kayseri, children, benevolent businessman Abdullah Keskinkilic and his wife Ayten Keskinkılıç in the program hosted by Governor Orhan Düzgün, wife and some guests with Erciyes Erciyes breakfast had a day of fun in their hearts.

Governor Düzgün and his wife Gül Düzgün, who came together in Erciyes with 6 children living in 1 Children's Houses and 36 Hope House under the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies of Kayseri Governorship, sohbet He received information about his school and his lessons and shared his experiences regarding future plans.

After the breakfast, the colorful images of the children on the snow were worth seeing at Erciyes Ski Center. In the program, which was accompanied by Governor Düzgün and his wife Gül Düzgün for a while, the children skied with sleds, some of them took the first ski lesson from ski teachers, enjoyed the Erciyes by riding a gondola.

The children and children of Umut Houses enjoy the program, Deputy Governor Yasemin Özata Çetinkaya and his wife Temel Çetinkaya, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mustafa Yalçın and his wife Filiz Yalçın, Police Chief Mustafa Aydın and his wife Müesser Aydın and their benevolent businessman Abdullah Keskinkılıç and his wife Ayten Keskinkılıç. she did not leave the children alone.