The Çayyolu subway has been opened!

📩 25/11/2018 18:51

The Çayyolu subway was opened but we would like to thank the Ministry of Transport for providing a new metro to Ankara. It is not possible to make the same wish for the Metropolitan Municipality. He will help the Metro, he has not yet done aboveground services. Metropolitan Mayor and Municipal Assembly Members; Instead of building the gates and towers of Ankara entrances, they would have contributed to the construction and use of the subway if they had made the following suggestions. Namely:
Parking spaces should be built around the metro stops. This sentence was told by the Prime Minister at the opening ceremony of the Sincan metro.
Metro stops and the surrounding residential areas can be easily accessible by bus services.
There are 4 universities on the Çayyolu metro line. (METU-Hacettepe-Bilkent-Capital City) Bus stops from the university stops of the Metron to the university campus should be established.
Pockets should be used for stopping cars and buses at the roadside stops at the subway stops. As there are no standstill and waiting areas, vehicles are stopped on the road and at intersections to prevent traffic flow.
A taxi stand should be located near the metro stops. Parking spaces should be created where taxis will wait. Taxis should not park at the existing roadside.

Source: Sinan ORHON-Architect, Çayyolu

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