Quiet and slow journey with interrail

quiet and slow journey through Backpacking: extremely unlike the airline slow and environmentalists ... feeling the texture of the places visited, taking the smell, offering a ride serenely train InterRail, the last time the fashion statement "slow ride" actually. A unique opportunity for student travelers. Moreover, cheap ucuz
What you call a STUDENT wants to do a lot of money. Yaşat And that's exactly what goes on at this time, 'Interrrail' enters and you have a single trip to Rome with your Paris, which gives me a unique adventure. How Does? First, we can start this unique adventure with the recognition of 'Interrail'.
First of all, it is worth noting that 'Interrail' is not an affiliate program. There is no condition for you to participate, just like to explore new places. So what is this interrail? Interrail is the name of a ticket used by railways in Europe, which allows travelers to travel a lot at low cost. The biggest advantage is that you can travel with a single ticket to all the countries in the region you choose and 2 at no additional cost. class trains (comfortable and comfortable) you can travel. But 1. If you prefer class trains, you will be charged a non-high supplement.
Get the ticket, start exploring whenever you want
'InterRail' main source of tickets Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD). But in Gençtur, it is possible to find the ticket for young people at affordable prices. The ticket price varies according to the time you stay in the country and city you choose. You can start the ticket at any time. Many 'Interrailci made as' InterRail to be initiated from Istanbul to Greece until your tickets in section 50 percent discount because you will travel including Turkey. Sirkeci-Phytion can take the ticket of the train to Sirkeci Train Station. This train departs every morning around 8.30. If you are coming by train, you should get a round-trip ticket. From Phytion, you'll start riding on any train you want. Of course 1. paying extra for those in class. Your first experience will be at this station. Because the first train to Athens is the 1 class, so you have to pay extra. But the 20.00 queues are easy to get paid and you will take you to Athens via Thessaloniki train, if you prefer you can expect the evening train like every interrailci. It is worth noting that the tickets you have are all you want 2. class allows you to ride trains.
Where can I go with Interrail?
8 country in 29 region offers plenty of places to visit. Don't forget to keep your European Railroad Map along with you on your trip, it will be very useful. Here are some of the countries: Northern, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, UK İşte
Need to get separate visa for UK
In order to be able to travel by Interrail, it is necessary to get the Schengen Visa, which is applied by many countries which are subject to European Union. Well, this Schengenn Visa What is it? .. EU to certain countries (Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal ...) claimed a common visa applications from persons other than providing inputs and outputs and these countries' citizens . In other words, as a Turkish citizen, we need to get a Schengen Visa to enter any of these countries. And thanks to this visa, it is also possible to easily switch between these countries, which is the most appropriate side for Interrail. No separate visa is required for each country. Of course, if you go to a country other than these countries (eg England), it is necessary to obtain a visa for that country.
Requirements for issuing a visa
In fact, the conditions are the same in all Schengen countries. Because there are common provisions and laws on visa. Perhaps the most important feature of the visa should be taken from the first entry country. If going to a few Schengen country, whichever country that needs to be taken from Turkey will be the first entry in the Schengen countries without visas. But this is not mandatory. At least you have another chance. You can start your journey from another country by taking a visa from that country. It is only necessary to convince the visa officer. It can also be said that the customs officer in the first entry country will be transited to that country and the purpose is to go to the other country.
Take Shengen from Greece
If the trip is to begin on Greece, the Schengen visa must be obtained from Greece. If you are a student and can prove parents' assets, you will have no problems. But if it doesn't work, it gets a little hard. Because if they do not accept the application, 1 cannot enter the Schengen countries. Go to the Italian Consulate, if you cannot get a visa.
It's easier to get the Schengen from Italy
First of all, the first entry is Greece, so you need to get the visa from there. Say you're going to spend a few days in Greece and more time in Italy. If you're a little bit of understanding, you got a visa. After all, Italy is the exact solution for Schengen.
Documents required for this;
- Document proving that you are working,
- Student certificate if you are a student
- If you do not work, documents showing the presence of your parents' relatives
-The money receipts from the bank and the signed document that your parents or relatives will support you financially on this trip (this document is also required for the students)
- Original and photocopy of the Interrail ticket
These are the most important ones, other documents can be requested to contact the consulate.
Be planned and scheduled
Before you go, the trip needs to be outlined. Cities should be planned, even cities should be planned, and the route should be determined on a map. Although it is not possible to plan everything, it is necessary to plan in terms of not having a big problem when you go. A guide book is also a must-have during your trip. All the countries in Europe, interrail to the logic of the trip in a way that describes all kinds of information needs a book. We can recommend the book called Lonely Planet from Europe. You will definitely have your bedside book throughout the entire trip. Especially hostels, addresses, places to visit, city maps and everything you can think of is in this book and so on. But be sure to have the last edition of the book.
Do not inflate the suitcases!
Let's come, what should be in your bag ız Think about what you might need for a month and make a list. Do not exaggerate the things you will take, remember that all the load will be on your back.
- Basic necessity compartment (clothes underwear, socks, towel, shampoo, needle, thread, band-aid, pain relief etc.)
- Slippers, sandals, and a closed shoe (when sweating in the south, you'll often encounter rain in the north)
- Camera, walkman, battery, your book, a notebook to keep short notes along the way, pen
- Sleeping bag (It should definitely be! The ferry between Greece and Italy is valid only for the deck, no matter how long you go in the middle of the summer, it gets cold at night. Let it not sound strange, it's a very familiar sight there.)
- Alarm clock (You may need to get on the train early in the morning.)
- Do not take a mobile phone with you, you can manage it easily with cards or coins,
- Since you will usually handle the food event from supermarkets, it is useful to take a fork, knife, spoon and a small plate with you, as well as a pack of napkins.
- A small road cushion adds even more comfort to night trips!
- And of course your passports and tickets.
Interrail tickets can be obtained in 29 different types: 5, 10, 15, 22 days and 1 month, Interrail tickets covering eight regions and 5 countries determined according to geographical conditions. The 'InterRail Global Pass' card and the 'InterRail One Country Pass' card are issued to adults (over 26 years old) and over 60 years old (senators) at 1st and 2nd places, and for young people (no more than 27 years old). Children (2-4 years old) receive a 12 percent discount on the basis of fees charged to adults. For more detailed information http://www.genctur.com It is good to visit the site. In addition, State Railways http://www.tcdd.gov.tr The address can also be visited.


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