We will take Bursaray inside Kestel

📩 25/11/2018 19:21

We will bring Bursaray to Kestel: CHP Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Necati Şahin, who is continuing his election activities intensively, met with great interest of the tradesmen at the Arzuhalciler Bazaar.
Rail system; Stating that the settlement should go as far as where people live, Şahin said, “What is the current administration doing now? He claims to have brought a rail system to Kestel. I can not see. In order to get to Kestel, you have to take one more means of transportation in addition. Is there such a transportation service? " said. Stating that the work done is unplanned, unpredictable and aimed at saving the day, Şahin said that they will bring Bursaray into Kestel when they take office.
Saying that the election competition is conducted in a general atmosphere rather than local, Necati Şahin said, “When we look at the billboards, we see the Prime Minister. We put our own pictures, they are the picture of the Prime Minister. Their mayoral candidates cannot appear before us. We work from early morning until midnight, but we cannot see them in the field. We have brothers from the MHP, we have brothers from the Saadet Party, but they do not. Because the citizen has no faces to confront. On March 30, 2014, they were sentenced to be buried in a political cemetery.

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