The oldest known bridge of Bursa was closed to heavy tonnage vehicle traffic

The oldest known bridge of Bursa was closed to heavy tonnage vehicle traffic: Hasköy Nilüfer Hatun Bridge, the oldest bridge in Bursa, built by Orhan Gazi's wife Nilüfer Hatun in the 14th century, was closed to heavy tonnage vehicle traffic. In the statement made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on the subject; It was stated that the historical bridge, which is included in the scope of 'immovable cultural property that needs to be protected', was evaluated by the UKOME Board in terms of access and security, and provisions were taken for closing heavy tonnage vehicle passage, building the necessary physical arrangements, and arranging the traffic flow.
While the physical arrangements were made to prevent the passage of heavy tonnage vehicles on the historical bridge in line with the provisions taken in UKOME, heavy vehicle traffic was directed to the Mudanya Road as an alternative route. Built in the 14th century by Orhan Gazi's wife, Nilüfer Hatun, the bridge is located southwest of Geçit Village on Nilüfer Creek. Nilüfer Bridge, which is one of the oldest works of Bursa and is known as the oldest bridge, was built with cut stones and bricks. While the bridge consists of 4 pointed arches, one of which is large, in the following years, 4 small arches made of brick were added after the stream bed was filled.



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