Bülent Arınç Spoke at the Opening of Bursaray Line

Bülent Arınç spoke at the opening of Bursaray Kestel Line: Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç said, “Our government is a servant government. With this, we receive support from our people, and we pay much for the support we receive from our people. Our heads are upright, our forehead is open, praise is our conscience, "he said.
Speaking at the ceremony organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of the light rail system called “Bursaray” at the phase of the Caryatağı-Otasansit phase, Arınç said that the services have grown increasingly and there are very joyful days.
Emphasizing that the government has not slowed down the public investments, Arınç said, "We are working hard, from health to education, from transportation to energy, from education to sports and another sector."
Stating that they did not perform the services for propaganda purposes, Arınç stated that the foundation of a city hospital with 360 beds will be laid in Bursa in a few months.
Arinc said the hospital aims to complete the construction in a short time, said:
“The amount of investment and allowance Bursa received in public services has reached 12 quadrillion so far. Good halal. Bursa is worthy of this. We have a strong and quality population. Everyone has the right to live peaceful, happy and safe in Bursa. Our task is to serve. Our government is a servant government. With this, we receive support from our people, and we pay a great deal for the support we receive from our people. Our heads are upright, our forehead is open, praise is our conscience. Our Prime Minister, we work day and night to give our nation more than 50 percent of the game. May Allah make our way and all of our lives clear. ”
Arınç explained that they see the services of the Metropolitan Municipality, perhaps a little more than that, as much as the work of the central government in Bursa. Arınç stated that the services of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in the last 5 years have achieved great success in terms of being the first in the country, and stated that what has been done here has passed Istanbul, Ankara, Konya and Kayseri.
Pointing out that the main arteries should be opened for transportation, Arınç said, “Thank goodness we are achieving great success in the Kestel stage. We have been going step by step since the beginning. Our contractor Öz Timurlar is also very zealous. Our mayor will exceed these stages, which will exceed 30 kilometers in total every day. ”
- “They couldn't find money for investment”
Arınç, who said that Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe is very successful, brave and zealous in urban transportation, which is an example to the whole world, breathes Bursa with his works by proving that many people are right about everything they say "My dear, too, my dear". He said he was paying attention.
Pointing out that Otosansit is a very important region for Bursa, Arınç said:
“We have thousands of employees, arrivals, departures and we are on a line. Having a terminal point from east to west from here makes Otosansit a center of attraction. Every transportation that passes through here, adds 3-4 times more value. Our people realize that they can make transportation in the shortest time and in the most comfortable way without being distraught on the roads. We have expressed the same feelings when opening the Kestel Köprülü Intersection in the past days. These are very large services of 25-30 trillion each. In the past, there were municipalities that could not spend one in 10 and one in 20 for investment and could not find money. They expect everything from the state, and even those from the state would not be able to pay their employees' salary, they could not find money for investment. ”
Arınç stated that they will explain what the candidates have done in Bursa until the local elections and that the work does not end here, what they will do from now on. Elections, great values ​​for Bursa kazanEmphasizing that he believes that he will succeed, Arınç said, “It is necessary to reward hardworking and honest people. Ingenuity is subject to compliment. If you value and value, those people will do more successful work and try to be worthy of your trust.
Then Arınç cut the opening ribbon of the Arabayatağı-Otasansit stage and used the light rail vehicle between Otosansit and Mimar Sinan stations.

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