British union leader Bob Crow lost his life

The British union leader, Bob Crow, died: Bob Crow, Secretary General of the Railway Maritime and Transport Association, died at the age of 52.
In a statement on the union's website, it was reported that Bob Crow, General Secretary of the Railway Shipping and Transport union DDK, died early Tuesday morning.
"Whatever our political differences, this is tragic news," said London Mayor Boris Johnson. Crow was elected DDK general secretary in 2002 after the death of former leader Jimmy Knapp.
"According to some, Crow was the most successful union leader in terms of providing job security and high wages to his members," said Nick Robinson, the BBC's political editor.
'This is a sad day'
"Bob fought tirelessly for his beliefs and members," said Conservative Mayor Johnson, who often clashed with Crow over plans to change London's transportation system. This is a sad day. " he added.
Ken Livingstone, former Labor mayor of London, said, “There are lessons for young people to learn from him; They will understand that you are always defending their members. Moreover, his conversation was very good, ”he said.
Warrior union leader
Born in East London in 1961, Crow started working on the London Underground at the age of 16. He was among the union members who stood guard during a strike last month.
Manuel Cortes, the leader of another union that joined the strike, said: “His own members adored Bob Crow, and employers feared him; that was what he wanted. It was a privilege to fight alongside him because he would never back down.

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