Bombardier YHT Preaching (Photo Gallery)

Bombardier YHT is ready for the Foundation: Canadian giant, TCDD tenders followed closely The world giant Canadian train and aircraft manufacturer Bombardier, TCDD's new 'very high-speed train' tender was locked.
Railway investment in Turkey last attack, Canadian train and plane manufacturer Bombardier also whet the appetite for investment in Turkey. The Canadian giant, which is also a subsidiary of the Side Industry Development Office in Istanbul, has followed the TCDD tenders closely.
This year's leading Bombardier stressed that they want to be major players in the bidding Railway Vehicles Department of Turkey, Eastern Europe and Middle East Region High Speed ​​Train Head of Sales Furio Rossi, "the need for localization by TCDD announced new 'high-speed train' (VHS- Very High Speed) tender focused. We are evaluating a high number of potential suppliers and partners. Bombardier Transportation as if we won this tender, with the participation of Turkish industry to realize our plan for production of this train in Turkey, "he said.
It has created a special team to Turkey
Turkey is very impressive railway expansion program is started and the country of the investment plan for railway systems expressing very impressed Furio Rossi, said: "a great potential in the country of the mobility of the people around the area 10 billion investment intentions over the next 45 years and to increase the travel capacity creating. We see this as a very exciting market of Turkey as Bombardier. We want to expand and grow our presence in Turkey. very fast train locomotive sooner than in Turkey, to present our current network to resolve the problems of urban mobility solutions proven in many large diameter up to We look forward solutions. We have created a special team to Turkey and our goal is to become a strategic partner for Turkey operators and transport authorities. "
'We are investigating the industry in Turkey'
As part of its commitment to Turkey market in 2008 Rossi reminded that they establish global sourcing office in Istanbul, office, only high potential that can be studied as long-term partners in the not worldwide Bombardier project Turkey drew attention to try to identify the Turkish suppliers and development. Rossi said they are investigating suppliers of electrical and steel welded side fittings, especially in internal spaces. In Turkey, companies become partners in a company to buy or if Rossi, "We are open to all options, researching products in our industry in Turkey are trying to find solutions that provide the highest quality," he said.
'Our new products useful for Turkey'
Rossi, said for the new products they believe to be useful for Turkey. Ine The Zefiro family, capable of operating at top speed limits such as 250 km / h from 350 km, is the flagship product range of Bombardier's high-speed travel field. Zefiro's weight-reducing aluminum body provides passenger comfort at high speeds, while the improved draw frame system provides reliability and performance guarantees. The new Innovia Automatic Transport Systems offer sustainable integrated mobility, meeting the urgent needs of road to rail to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. This versatile, fully automated and driverless technology incorporates monorail, metro and automated human handling solutions.


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