Bombardier Transportation 25 in Turkey. Celebrates Its Year

Bombardier Transportation 25 in Turkey. It celebrates the Year: Bombardier continues to pursue its long-term presence in Turkey.
25 years ago that performs the establishment of Istanbul's first metro line, Bombardier Transportation, it introduces the latest project with Turkey for the first time CBTC driverless technology.
Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation systems, rail control Turkey (25 in signaling) market. celebrating 25 years ago Istanbul's first subway line signaling technology to equip the Bombardier Bombardier today is conducting studies to offer the most advanced technologies and solutions for the public transport market in Turkey.
Istanbul in Turkey market as the first BOMBARDIER CITYFLO Light Rail Transit System in March 1989 250 fixed block systems by equipping Bombardier business area, he spent five transit signaling systems today in the daily life in Turkey. Following the first project in Istanbul Light Metro (M1), Bombardier applied the same technology to Istanbul Sultançiftliği Tramway (T4) and İzmir Light Metro, as well as the CITYFLO 3 solution for Istanbul Kirazlı-İkitelli-Başakşehir-Olimpiyat (M350) and Adana Metro systems. provided.
Rail systems signaling Bombardier continues to make pioneering in the field of Transportation this year's study, Istanbul is a very important project, the development of public transport and Turkey's first completely driverless Istanbul as planned metro line Üsküdar - Umraniye - Contact to Çekmeköy Metro line-Based Train Control The system (CBTC) began with the goal of implementing the CITYFLO 650 solution. Within the scope of this project, Bombardier has made significant contributions to the project finance by contacting and coordinating with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, ING Bank NV, KfW and Unicredit Bank AG to provide an export credit. Also Main Line projects at Bombardier continues to work to Turkey ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) is to provide the technology, BOMBARDIER INTERFLON 250 ERTMS system River in the construction process - Karabük - is established in Zonguldak line.
Bombardier Transportation's Rail Control Solutions (Signaling) Head of the evaluation on Peter Cedervall Turkey, "to operate over 25 years in Turkey's market and asset demonstrate the power of both our technology, and also reflects our strong relationships we have with our customers. Our technical expertise in the global space, combined with our strong local experience Turkey's rail infrastructure will continue to implement the best solution for signaling the world, "he said.


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