Bogsak Tunnel Launched

📩 24/11/2018 11:51

Boğsak Tunnel Opened to Service: Boğsak Tunnel opened for electricity and ventilation systems within the scope of Mediterranean Coast Road Project, which is being constructed between Mersin and Antalya, was opened.
AK Party Silifke Mayor Candidate Bilal Ozkan, told reporters at the entrance to the tunnel, this tunnel opened to traffic through the half-hour road is reduced to 1,5 minutes, he said.
Expressing that the entire Mediterranean Coastal Road Project will be completed and put into service next year, Özkan said, “The Mersin-Antalya divided road project is truly the dream of years. An important project carried out by our government. It is a project with a cost of about 1.1 billion dollars. It consists of 14 viaducts, tunnels and bridges. With the completion of this road, the distance of Silifke to Antalya decreases from 8-9 hours to 4 hours. So we are almost opening up to a new world. The Boğsak Tunnel we are in is 670 meters. The half-hour road through this tunnel went down to 1,5 minutes. Hopefully, with the completion of other tunnels, a more comfortable and more modern journey will be provided. At the same time, new opportunities await us in tourism, agriculture and logistics for our Silifke. Good luck to all Silifkis, all Mersinites and our country ”.
10-year period, approximately stressed that the AK Party government in Turkey made way 16 thousand kilometers of double Ozkan, "the most important role in the way the budget allocated by the Ministry of Transport last three years late getting Mersin. That is to say, the 12 of almost a year's total budget is coming to Mersin. This shows the importance given by our government to the road investments in our region. Mersin-Antalya road project will be completed next year, Mersin he said.
Passing drivers stated that the new road and Boğsak Tunnel will make their work easier and bring great convenience in agriculture and tourism.


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