Projects of Mayor Karaosmanoğlu

Projects of President Karaosmanoğlu: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğılu, who has been criticized for not explaining the projects related to the upcoming period, announced his new projects. If Karaosmanoglu 30 is re-elected in March, he will serve until 2019. However, it was noteworthy that the projects described were the target of 2023.
Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and AKP candidate, aims to solve the transportation and traffic problems. In addition to the tram, light rail system, the system based on rubber wheeled vehicles is promised. It is stated that the Metropolitan Municipality will not give up the sea transportation and the sea transportation will be re-attracted with a new structure.
LIGHT RAIL SYSTEM: Starting from Yarimca Cengiz Topel Airport, will reach up to Uzuntarla. Some of them will pass under the ground, some will pass through D-100.
TRAMAY: In Izmit, Seka Park-Yahya will work on the 13 kilometer line on Kaptan-Otogar route.
BANLİYÖ TREN: Istanbul-Ankara line, as well as high-speed train in Istanbul-Kocaeli-Sakarya line will work.
RENEWING IN MASS TRANSPORTATION: Public transportation vehicles operated by public and private sectors will be renewed and cooperatives will continue their transformation program.
ROUTING CONNECTIONS: In connection with the Black Sea Motorway, the Northern Marmara Motorway, the Solar Marmara Motorway, the Izmir Okoyolu and the Ministry, the main roads will be connected.
MARINE TRANSPORT: Sea transportation will be restructured in Izmit Bay in parallel with the rail system. The existing maritime transport system will be rehabilitated.
TUNNEL AND BRIDGE JUNCTION: İzmit Otogar, Köseköy, Gebze, Gölcük, Karamürsel Industrial Junction In Başiskele regions, new tunnels and bridges will be built on D-100 and D-130.
ROADS AND CONNECTION ROADS: D-100 and D-130 roads will be used in new parts and roads to relieve traffic.
OLD ISTANBUL ROAD: Old Istanbul road which is still idle will be transformed into double road.
TRANSFER CENTERS: At the 5 point of the city, the gathering and distribution function will take place, and the city will be integrated with the new rail systems that will reduce the traffic load will be organized collection centers.
SPRING AND BIKE ROADS: Urban roads will be eaten. Pedestrian and bicycle paths will be increased. From the east to the west of Kocaeli, uninterrupted bsisiklet road will be made.
PARKING: In accordance with the settlement and urbanization data for the Uluşam master plan, urban parking projects will be given priority.
TRANSFORMATION OF THE FAIR AREA: Kocaeli Fairground will be turned into one of the most important attractions of our city.
CONGRESS CENTERS: The congress centers will be built in the districts which are needed especially for İzmit, Gebze, derince and Kartepe. Kocaeli will be a center of attraction in congress tourism.
QUALIFIED TRADE AREAS: Following the transfer of industry out of the city, it will be transformed into qualified trade and social areas by taking into consideration the population and needs of the areas vacated in city centers. The CBD project will be implemented.
NEW HOUSING: The Metropolitan Municipality will continue to make new social constructions through Kent Housing.
DISABLED AND OLD CENTERS: Social living centers will be established for disabled and elderly citizens. Ministry of Health and private sector support will be received.
ENVIRONMENT: As of 2013, domestic wastes are treated in 98 ratio in İzmit Bay. This rate will be increased to 100. Air, land, sea controls will continue uninterrupted.
NATURAL LIFE PARK: A new zoo and Wildlife Park will be established on the 1000 acre area in Uzunçiftlik. first time in Turkey, this park animals living in their natural environment, visitors will follow the animals through glass vetrine car and drawbridge.
AQUARIUM AND WATER SLIDES: the most spectacular aquariums in Turkey, will be established in Kocaeli. All the sea creatures in the Marmara and the Black Sea, the ocean will take place. A giant Aquapark where all kinds of water sports can be built.
NEW BLUE FLAGS: The new beaches will be established on the shores of İzmit Bay. They will be in blue flag standards.
NATURAL AREA HIKING: Kocaeli, Turkey will become the most important address in natural walk. The 1000 natural hiking trail, whose length exceeds 102 kilometers, will be opened.
WASTE RECOVERY that crashed: Turkey's first wastewater recycling plant in Kocaeli to be used in the water industry from the water treatment plant called
Karaosmanoğlu's targets for 2023


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