The first task in Balo Project

📩 24/11/2018 11:56

First Mission in the Ball Project Bandirmalı Transporters: Chairman of the Association of Transporters and Transport Brokers, which continues its activities in Bandırma district of Balıkesir, Hakan Sukayar said that cargo planes are cheaper than truckers.
Stating that approximately 3 thousand people are living in the transportation sector in Bandırma, Head of Bandırma Transporters and Transport Brokers Association, Hakan Sukayar, argued that the use of diesel-free diesel used in the maritime sector should also be applied to the carriers. However, these shippers use more expensive fuel than ships and cargo planes. Today, cargo planes get their fuel for about 1 lira to 80 cents, while truckers get about five lira. So even cargo planes can carry cheaper loads than transport trucks. Transporters who provide bread to thousands of citizens, use the diesel for about 5 lira. ”
Adding that there is unfair competition in the sector, Sukayar claims that the transporters in the eastern and southeastern Anatolia region fill their warehouses with a ton of diesel, which is about 2 lira per liter, and provide transportation services throughout the country. They can carry around twice the cost per kilometer than we do. Even private yachts buy diesel without SCT, while truckers who provide bread and provide employment use diesel with SCT. We demand the authorities to give diesel used without the excise duty to trucks used by shippers. ”
Sukayar, who said that he had received the first job of the Bandirmalı Shippers within the scope of the Western Anatolia Logistics Organization, added that the business potential of the truckers in the district will increase with the acceleration of the activities in the coming days.


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