Restoration of Aydın Train Station Stops by Municipality

The Restoration at Aydın Train Station Stopped by the Municipality: The restoration works started in the historical train station in Aydın in 1955 were stopped by the Aydın Municipality on the grounds that it was made without a license. It was sent to Aydın in 1955 by the late Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. kazanThe restoration works, which started on 17 February 2014 at the historical Aydın Train Station, were stopped by the Aydın Municipality. Aydın Municipality teams, who made an investigation in the restoration area after the complaint, determined that the renovation works carried out on the roof of the historical building did not receive permission and were carried out without a license.
Criticizing the implementation of Aydın Municipality, AK Party Aydın Deputy Mehmet Erdem said, “The station building, which is one of the most important historical buildings of the city, will be modernized by preserving its historical texture in line with the projects of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Directorate. The renovation work on the roof floor of the building, which was put out to tender and the restoration works are ongoing, was stopped by Aydın Municipality on the grounds that it was unlicensed.
TCDD officials have applied to the municipality many times to obtain the construction permit. However, the municipal authorities want to block the service by not helping TCDD authorities seeking a license. This circumstance I leave to the discretion of the city's residents "for restoration work on the railway network in the first dedi.türkiye a station to serve as starting train station last month, a cost of 3 million 566 thousand 492 TL were tender. Restoration works of the station building, whose roof, platform coverings, door and window joinery will be renewed in accordance with the project, are planned to be completed by November 2014.


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