Positive decision for Antalya - Konya - Aksaray - Nevşehir - Kayseri Railway Project EIA report

A positive decision was made for the Antalya - Konya - Aksaray - Nevşehir - Kayseri Railway Project EIA report. To be realized by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM); Preparatory work on the "Antalya - Konya - Aksaray - Nevşehir - Kayseri Railway Project" is ongoing.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization made a positive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) decision regarding the project in question. The EIA report regarding the project was prepared by MGS Project firm. The survey and engineering services of the project were carried out by Yüksel Domaniç.
With the approval of the Ministry of Transport, the project will be transferred to the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) and tender preparations will be carried out by this institution. It is expected to reach the tender stage within 1 year.
The Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevsehir-Kayseri Railway Project route will be an important link connecting the regions on the north-south axis of the railway transportation plans made nationally. There are very low standards of roads between the existing highway and the cities located in the north and Antalya. With the project, the railway connection will be reduced and the road usage values ​​will decrease and the transportation standards will increase.
The project consists of Antalya-Kayseri mainline and Alanya-Antalya connection line. Antalya-Kayseri main line, starting from Antalya Dosemealti district, Kepez, Aksu, Serik, Manavgat, Ibradi and Akseki through the districts, Konya will reach the provincial border. Konya, Seydisehir, Meram and Karatay districts will reach the border of Aksaray province.
After passing through Aksaray Eskil, Merkez and Gülağaç districts, Nevşehir Acıgöl will go through Kayseri, İncesu District through Avanos and Ürgüp districts. Alanya-Antalya connection line in the district of Alanya will be separated from the main line in Alanya district. 5 km / s passenger trains in the project, which is expected to cost 250 billion pounds, and the freight trains are planned to speed up to 80 km / h.
The project is intended to be carried out as a separate electric line 2 for both freight and passenger transportation.
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1143 / 05 August 2013 (GB)


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