Bagel passengers in Ankara

Bagel surprise for metro passengers in Ankara: Ankara Yenimahalle Municipality welcomed the citizens going to work in Ostim Metro with surprise. The municipality teams welcomed the people of Yenimahalle with a trio of bagels, tea and cheese at the Ostim-Metro exit in the early hours of the morning, and won the appreciation of the citizens. great appreciation kazanWith this application, citizens said, “We would like to thank Yenimahalle Municipality and all its employees. In these early hours of the morning, they welcomed us with bagels and tea. We are always supporters of our President Fethi Yaşar. Because he never left us alone.” said.
Yenimahalle Municipality, working in an intensive tempo, the early morning hours to keep the citizens going to work, indispensable food, drinks between tea, cheese and simit offered. Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yaşar, who is always on his side on good and bad days, said, ar We organize various activities for the stress of our citizens. We try to have a good time by organizing festivals, matinees, feasts, concerts and more. Now that we think of our employees working in the early hours of the morning tea, simit, cheese delivery and we wanted to leave a little smile on their faces. Tea and drink in a coincidence. We also distributed a piece of our culture to our citizens who never aged. The important thing is to leave a pleasant voice in people. Önemli


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