Ankara Yenimahalle ropeway line attempts transformer transformer

Ankara Yenimahalle ropeway line attempts transformer transformed: Yenimahalle cable car line under construction continued by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Damage occurred in the houses as a result of the fire in the transformer. A fire broke out at the 4 house where the electricity was overloaded. 1 injured and injured. Electronic goods in the houses were burned to the end of use and became unusable.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's Yenimahalle-Şentepe between the 19 in March on the cable line that he wanted to open in the evening due to excessive electrical overload of the transformer was a fire. Yenimahalle Çarşı Mahallesi Located at Özen Street, the transformer burst out of smoke. According to eyewitnesses, it was learned that the transformer had been working for ropeways for a week and that the electricity in the houses went away. Damage also occurred in homes due to overload. 4 fire broke out as a result of the explosion of electronic goods in the house. Fire crews came to the scene of the houses extinguished. The houses became unusable after the fire. One person was injured and taken to hospital. Çarşı Mahallesi remained without electricity. Residents of the neighborhood, the explosion occurred during the work of the workers working in the ropeway construction, he said.

Neighborhood residents Ahmet Light, Yenimahalle over the ropeway line was not made according to the rules, he said. Işık, u Natural gas and water lines were damaged due to the pressure of the ropeway lines. Uncontrolled transactions are being made to raise the elections. People don't want to sit under that ski lift. We're on the streets right now. People live under it. These wires may break. People should not be victimized because we are going to show off. Ağ

A citizen who wants to plug in the power plug during the electric explosion tak I got rid of it in seconds. The moment I plugged it in, I was banging. I could have gotten to that stream. Human health should not be so cheap. ”

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:25

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