Ankara subways as a result of tender for additional electromechanical works

As a result of the tender for additional electromechanical works of the Ankara subways: Keçiören (M4) Metro Line, Existing (M1) Metro Connection Line Electromechanical Systems Procurement, Installation and Commissioning Works and Additional Lines of Macunköy Warehouse and ASTİ-Söğütözü Extension Electromechanical Sist Tem, Installation and Commissioning Business tender tender for the best tender
The companies and their bids which are determined as the approximate cost of the additional electromechanical works of Ankara metros 62.047.742,83 € (1,20) are as follows:
1-Alarko 53.267.500,00 €
2-Doğuş 47.990.000,00 €
3-Türkerler Acknowledgments
4-Gülermak 54.600.000,00 €
5-Opening-Didoray 47.886.000,00 €
6-Siemens 51.190.000,00 €
7-Eferay-Nas-Cemiloğlu 55.865.000,00 €
8-Şenbay - Original Thanks
9-Makyol Thanks
LIMIT VALUE 39.164.236,11 €

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 11:45

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