AKUT continues its success in snow sports

ACUTE snow continues its success in sports: ACUTE Snow Sports Young-Large Teams, Turkey aims to crown its achievements in Ski Championships taking place on the podium.

MEDICALPARK-VBG SHIPPING-PEGASUS AIRLINES sponsorship of the race ACUTE Snow Sports Team, Erzurum / Konaklı held in Ski Center in 6-7 March 2014 history, 93 athletes participated in the Turkey Youth-Large joined with 10 athletes Point Ski Competition. Young Ladies Category in Slalom and Giant Slalom discipline their craving ÇARIKÇIOĞL with 2 Gold Medal, Young Men 1 bronze medalist ACUTE Snow Sports Deep EVCİM in the slalom discipline in the category Young-Large Teams, Turkey aims to crown its achievements taking place on the podium in Ski Championships.

ACUTE Snow Sports Great Men, the only athlete of the team, which competed in the context of acute social responsibility program Bayburt'l athlete Aaron SİMSEK, Slalom and Giant Slalom xnumx.olarak combined ranking among strong competitors in the disciplines sürdüy the allegations in Turkey Championship.