Free Transportation Response to AKP Rally

Free Transport Response to the AKP Rally: AK Party yesterday in Yenikapı rally for the public transport of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality free mobility of the public transport, brought discussions.
IETT buses, ferries and sea buses were also equipped with party flags with the letter de Officer İ.
According to the news in CHA, the AK Party hats and badges with security guards took the free riders at the Marmaray turnstiles. An AK Party that opened the "special turnstile" for the participants of the rally, "Rallye arrivals this way, do not need to press akbil," he announced for hours. Marmaray Üsküdar station density of the ferry was announced on the free. The security guards also helped these people. Citizens who did not attend the rally used public transport vehicles by pressing akbil. Some citizens were opposed to free use, arguing with security guards and AK Party officials.
IMM had already been criticized for similar criticism. During the Gezi events, the return of Prime Minister Erdoğan's trip to North Africa and the Metrobus and IETT buses were allocated to the AK Party. IMM announced that the wages of the vehicles were paid.


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