Gaziantepe cable car promise from Akif Ekici

The promise of Gaziantepe cable car from Akif Ekici: Akif Ekici, candidate for CHP Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, who continues to work without a break before the local elections, announced that they will implement the 100 kilometer cable car project in the 11.5th Year Atatürk Culture Park. Ekici said that the cable car will start from Democracy Square and continue to GASKI Pond.

Explaining the projects to be done shortly before the elections to the CHP Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality candidate Akif Ekici, gave information about the cable car project to the city. 100. Year Atatürk Cultural Park and 11.5 will be the length of the cable that will change the city's air expressing Ekici, the classic concept of municipalism should be abandoned, he said. Ekici Gaziantep We are struggling to make Gaziantep a truly livable city. All the projects we have done are for the benefit of the public and are exemplary projects. We explain our projects in time. As is known, 100. Year Ataturk Culture Park is a park area has been an example to Turkey. Although it has been destroyed recently, we will prevent this destruction and make it public. Rib

Ekici emphasized that the citizens will keep their bird eye on Gaziantep. Cak 7,5 is 1 kilometers in length. The length of the park has been increased to 1 by adding 5000 to the GASKİ pond in the 4 / 11,5 area. Our most important project in this park is the 11, 5 km cable car project. This cable car will provide in-park transportation and bird's eye view. It will appeal to the people of Gaziantep and will serve for the tourists coming to our city. Ed

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