Call to the EU: Open the energy title to negotiation

Call to the EU: Open the energy title to the negotiation. ICCI 2014 - 20. The Conference Program was announced at the 2 energy sector meeting held before the International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference.
Zeynep Bodur, President of the Assembly and Chairman of the Economic Development Foundation, Ömer Cihad Vardan gave speeches at the 2 Energy Sector Meeting.
ICCI 2014 - 20. Before the International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference, 2 Energy Sector Meeting organized by Sectorel Fair Organization was held in Istanbul Chamber of Industry. General Director of Sectoral Fairs, Süleyman Bulak, announced the ICCI 2014 Conference Draft Program and gave brief information about the topics of the sessions.
ISO Chamber Speaker Zeynep Bodur “Problems Related to Energy in the Industry Sector ad, Economic Development Foundation Chairman Ömer Cihad Vardan“ Economic Problems in the Energy Sector eyn.
Call to the EU: Open the energy title to negotiation
Recalling that the Economic Development Foundation President Omar admitted two weeks ago in his speech at the meeting Vardan Jihad European Parliament's Turkey emphasized the importance of Turkey in terms of energy security in the report is made, the opening of the energy chapter in the negotiations said Southern Cyprus is blocking. Vardan, "Both the EU, as well as being in a strong and deep cooperation of Turkey is very important. In the most recent report of the European Parliament, we invite the EU to open the energy chapter, which once again emphasizes its importance. In this context, we also consider the Cyprus problem to be discussed again at the United Nations. Bu
Citizen safety in the nuclear
IKV President Omar in his speech Vardan Jihad Turkey's 2023 years 4 percent of the total energy generation in the projection stating that foresees met without nuclear energy, said that should be completed in a way that oversees the safety of rapid and citizens of legal grounds. Vardan also stated that ve Nuclear Energy Communication Strategy isi, which aims to inform the public about nuclear energy and radiation protection issues, should be given priority as soon as possible.
Renewable Energy
ISO President and Kale Group Chairman Zeynep in his speech to the dwarf due to Turkey's energy on a large extent dependent on foreign, especially noting the industrialists they use energy intensive "we are the cogs turning effort by Transport water," he said. For this reason ICI in terms of renewable energy sources in Turkey which projects about doing intensive work on can implement dwarf, they are trying to increase investments in renewable energy, even Turkish industrialists of the parts needed for these investments, he added they are looking for ways to produce in Turkey.
Development does not accelerate without incentives
Zeynep Bodur, energy in Turkey is essential in order to create competitive advantages for the administration of government grants intensive sector, he said, especially given the state of such incentives in countries such as Italy and Spain. Bodur continued:
. When you take such offers, you get the answer from the Ministry of Finance with an incentive. However, the EU is in a region that is sensitive to economy. We need to consider such alternatives. Development is not encouraged without incentives, although it is not hot. Our biggest problem is the energy supply security. Turkey, especially its dependence on Russia and Iran. When you do not provide security of supply, many sectors find it difficult to produce. We need to diversify our energy resources. BOTAŞ should be reduced in terms of privatization of the energy market both in terms of prices coming to a point and supply of supply by many companies. They are also concerned about gas supply from private companies because the state does not guarantee this supply. When a ship cannot approach the port due to weather conditions, your natural gas supply is critical. Therefore, it is important for companies to get this under a state guarantee. If it wants liberalization, the state must give guarantees in a way. Eğer
Turkey's largest energy and the environment of regulating the industry leading provider of conference Sectoral Fair, April 24 from 25-26-2014 20 date. International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference (ICCI 2014) will be held at Istanbul Expo Center.


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