Topbaş announces that the metrobus line will turn into a metro line

Topbas announced that the metrobus line will be transformed into subway line.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, explained the candidacy process and the projects he planned for Istanbul with Fatih Altaylı in the Tek Tek program. Topbaş said that the Metrobus line will turn into a metro line from Bahçelievler part to Beylikdüzü and even Büyükçekmece and that their projects are under the Ministry of Transport.
Kadir Topbaş, who entered a big election race with Mustafa Sarıgül, said, “When choosing a system, we take into account the demands of the passenger. We evaluate the requests according to the day and hour. The number of passengers we can carry per hour by buses should not exceed 15 thousand. If it passes, we damage the comfort. We have now found 30 thousand. This means metro. Let's think it's time to rewind a little. If we hadn't built the metrobus. The line with 1246 minibuses. It's a 52-kilometer-long line. Think of an Istanbul that is blocked. " said.
Kadir Topbaş said, “It is a system that works 24 hours. We actually thought it temporarily. It's a successful project. But it creates a serious problem during peak hours. The number of people transported will increase to 1 million, but there are those who do not use it because they are not comfortable. It works hard beyond its capacity. The solution of this line is possible by returning to the subway. The 24-kilometer line we requested from our Ministry of Transport is a metro line that will start from Bahçelievler and reach Beylikdüzü and even the center of Büyükçekmece. We made the project. We prepared the tender file and sent it to our ministry. We also met with the minister recently, this line needs to return to the subway. Oh, can anyone talk and take it from above. It is impossible, where will you put people on, where will you keep them waiting. It is not possible. The solution is possible by subway. We also have projects towards Mecidiköy and Bahçelievler. " He spoke in the form.
Topbaş said, “The capacity of the Metrobus project will be relieved if the line is converted into a metro. Like a circulation system, we make it accessible to every part of Istanbul by metro. There will be an opportunity to go to Sarıyer, even Beykoz along the coast. It will reach every district, every district. Every place will be equipped with a metro station. " used the expressions.


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