No skiing in Akdag Ski Center

If there is no snow in the Akdağ Ski Center, there is no ski: Winter sports cannot be done in the Akdağ Ski Center in Ladik district due to the absence of snow and air temperatures above the seasonal norms.

Sports such as skiing, snowboarding and ski jumping, which can be performed at Akdağ Ski Center, cannot be performed due to the lack of snow. Activities at the facilities in the center have come to a halt. Business employees stated that the cable car line was not operated.

Samsun Youth and Sports Provincial Director Güven Özyurt said in a statement that the ski sport could not be done in Akdağ Ski Center in Ladik due to the absence of snow.

Expressing that the winter season is generally dry, Özyurt said, “The absence of snowfall in places where ski resorts such as Ladik are located, has caused great difficulty for those who love the skiing and those who do this sport. The failure of the ski center prevented the revival of ski tourism and ski sports. If this was an international racetrack, the artificial snowfall system could be installed in this area, but being a very costly system prevented this system from being installed. The fact that it is a local and national ski center has prevented this ski center from being used when it is not snowing. ”

- "Akdag is a high performance place"

Noting that Akdağ Ski Center can be used in other sports branches, Özyurt said:

“Ladik Akdağ is a high performance place. There is a district of Ladik that has completed itself with all its facilities. It is a district that does not have a sporty problem. At the same time, our youth center is being built in the place called Ambarköy. In the coming days, this place will be at an important point in terms of tourism. Ladik will come to the fore both in ski tourism and local and national tourism. In terms of both sporting facilities and tourism, the Ministry of Youth and Sports can carry out many works for young people, many works for our young friends and young people at the university. ”

- Ski center can be used in national team camps

Reminding that the ski resort was built in the region by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Özyurt said:

“The ski resort here is physically around 35 percent. Our cash payments are paid on time. The ski center will be completed in 2014 and will be added to ski tourism. After that, we, as the ministry, will have completed all kinds of work here. This place will be used as a camping center to support the areas where our national athletes can be trained and can be directed to winter sports. Here, meeting rooms, a fitness room and an environment with a capacity of over 50 beds are prepared. It is a beautiful facility with its cafeteria, masjids and sauna. We can also use these facilities to use in all kinds of meetings and national team camps when it doesn't snow.