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New Renault Megane Now Turkey: HB Megane and Megane Renault Sport models also gets a new design identity.
· The new Megane is available in two models: Megane Hatchback and Megane Sport Tourer
· The new Megane HB 3 is available with different hardware levels (Joy, Touch and GT Line), while the New Megane Sport Tourer is available with different hardware levels (Touch and GT Line).
· New Megane features user-friendly technologies:
Ø R-Link: 17 '' touch screen integrated multimedia and navigation system with internet connection
Ø Renault Visio System: “Automatic headlight” function with lane tracking system
· In Turkey, Oyak Renault Megane HB and produced in factories in Palencia plant in Spain, the Megane Sport Tourer is produced in Palencia.
· HB and New Megane Sport Tourer in Turkey on March 31 2014 51.500 offered for sale with prices starting from TL.
Refurbished Design: Dynamic, characterful, modern new face
The new Megane comes with an impressive, characterful and more dynamic face that marks the brand's new identity. The new Megane's fully-changing front bumper expresses itself with its distinctive Renault logo and dynamic lines that support this powerful structure. The impressive new headlamp design emphasizes the modern face of the New Megane, while the LED daytime running lights give the new Megane a true aesthetic and visual identity.
New product range: Complete, customer-focused new product range
New Megane maintains its claim of design with its complete, customer-oriented new product range.
Its diesel and gasoline engines, CVT, EDC and manual gearbox options, which attract attention with their low CO2 emission and consumption values, appeal to different tastes and needs. With its Hatchback & Sport Tourer body types and customer-oriented equipment levels, New Megane takes its place in the market with a complete product range.
New Megane GT Line version: accessible charm
The most distinctive reflection of the new Megane's strong, character and dynamic structure is the GT Line version ları With its special design GT Line front grille, 17 inch Dark Metal Aluminum alloy wheels, door handles and side mirrors, the new Mégane GT Line makes the pleasure of being different and privileged. makes a difference. This powerful exterior design is also supported by comfort and safety:
Safety: Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) -Electronic Stability Program (ESC) -Electronic Skid Prevention System (ASR), Emergency Brake Assist System (AFU), driver and passenger front side and curtain airbags, Hill Start Assist System, New Megane Safety equipment provided as standard on the GT Line.
Comfort: Electronic air conditioning, hands free Renault Card system, electric parking brake, automatic lighted headlamps, rain sensor, companion lighting (Follow-me home), electric folding heated exterior mirrors, electric front and rear windows with one-touch release jamming, steering wheel radio CD MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity The standard comfort features of the new Megane GT Line.
The new Megane offers a complementary range of products for customers with different tastes and needs. The new Megane HB is available in different versions with Joy, Touch and 3 as the GT Line, while the Megane Sport Tourer Touch and GT Line versions are available to consumers.
New Megane engine options: powerful, frugal and performance.
The new Megane family of engines maximizes driving pleasure, with efficient, thrifty energy engines and high-tech EDC and CVT gearbox options.
Ambitious Automatic Gearbox Technology: EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch); CVT X-TRONIC
The 6 advanced automatic EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) gearbox, which combines Renault's automatic gearbox comfort with the agility and savings of a manual gearbox, is also included in the new Megane. With a dual-clutch gearbox, the EDC combines power, performance and fuel consumption at the same time. Combined with the 1.5 dCi 110bg engine option, the EDC gearbox stands out in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 release, while the attack provides a live and responsive acceleration. The new Megane 1.5 dCi 110 bg EDC engine records the 4.2 liter / 100km fuel consumption and 110g CO2 / km emission value on the mixed track.
Another innovative automatic gearbox from Megane is the CVT X-Tronic gearbox with an ever-changing transmission ratio. The XTM X-Tronic gearbox is available with the 1.6 16V 115 bg petrol engine, which is characterized by fast acceleration, quiet driving and economic consumption.
Energy dCi 130
In order to go further in the pursuit of unity between performance, comfort and frugality, the new Megane Sport Tourer also offers a dci 130 hp engine option. The Energy dCi 1598 engine, equipped with a 3-speed manual gearbox with a cylinder volume of 130 cm6 and a maximum power of 130 hp, makes a strong impression in terms of driving pleasure and dynamism with 320 Nm of torque. The Energy dCi 4,0 engine, which consumes 100 liters / 104 km of fuel and saves 2 g CO130 / km in the mixed track, is the best example of the need to give up economy for performance. This engine option includes the Stop & Start feature.
In addition to this, the new gearbox 1.5 dCi 90 hp and 1.5 dCi 110 bg diesel engine options and the 1.6 16V 110 bg manual petrol engine option are available in the new Megane range.
User Friendly Technologies: Innovation for Everyone
STAY IN THE “LINK” WITH LIFE: Renault R-Link; Integrated multimedia and navigation system with touchscreen with internet connection
The new Megane's integrated, internet-connected tablet Renault R-Link allows the user to stay connected to the 7 inch (18 cm) touch screen. This innovative integrated tablet offers fast and easy access to both online and on-line and many online services at the same time: Links, music content, applications; In the full ease and at the tip of the fingers through the touch screen or steering wheel controls. An address can be given with the R-Link voice control, a contact can be dialed, phoned or an application can be displayed in the phonebook. With R-Link Store, many other applications can be discovered and downloaded, or pre-installed applications (E-mails, R-Link Tweet, Renault Help, weather forecasts) can be accessed.
Depending on the location with the live traffic application in Renault R-Link technology, customers can instantly see which arteries are open, and can also get directions to the most logical option.
Renault Visio System: Security with technology
Thanks to the high resolution camera placed behind the rearview mirror, the Renault Visio System is a combination of two important safety and comfort technologies. It can detect the markings on the floor with the strip tracking system and warns the driver with a visual and audible alarm in case an intermittent or uninterrupted line is exceeded without signal. The lıy automatic headlight şiddet function adjusts the light intensity of the headlights according to the environment.
Proven and approved quality
According to research by independent organizations, Mégane III is a pioneer in the segment in terms of reliability, a quality feature from the new Mégane series.
Mégane achieved good, even excellent results in the field of quality in the ADAC 2007 survey between 2012 and 2012. All the models produced in the 2009, 2010 and 2011 years were considered to be excellent and over time, they approved the superior quality of Mégane III.
In a study by L'Automobile Magazine in March 2013, Mégane III achieved a good degree in terms of production quality and reliability. In the category 2012, third-generation Mégane, which is the best-selling car in France, has been defined as da 100 guaranteed value in the zero km new vehicle market K.
In Turkey, Oyak Renault Megane HB and produced in factories in Palencia plant in Spain, the Megane Sport Tourer is produced in Palencia. At the Oyak Renault Factories, the production of 2012bin 2013 pieces Megane HB was realized in 48 and 159 years. Megane HB produced in Bursa, 21 was exported to the country. 2012 thousand 202 units in 399 and 2013 bin 86 pieces Mégane were produced at the end of June 043 in Palencia.
The latest generation of the Megane family reached the million sales units 1995 9 years since he sold in Turkey in a total 2009 42 and 977 thousand units sold. HB Megane, 5 in its segment in Turkey's market. , Megane Sport Tourer is in the segment leader position.
New Megane Sport Tourer and HB in Turkey on March 31 2014 51.500 offered for sale with prices starting from TL.

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