Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs made comments on giant projects

The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs made a statement on the giant projects: The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs reported that the investment programs for the third bridge, the third airport and the Canal Istanbul projects were carried out under the legislation and that the works were carried out entirely within the framework of legal permits.
In a written statement from the ministry, according to the report prepared by the TEMA Foundation, the third bridge, the third airport and the Channel Istanbul projects, some of the news in the press does not reflect the reality stated.
This report is far from scientific, to prevent the mega projects are prepared for the purpose of purely political purposes in the statement, the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and North Marmara Motorway in order to make the 2 thousand 542 hectares is allowed in the forest area, it is said that only the 706,92 hectare will be used as a road platform area. .
The statement, transportable trees will be moved to another place, instead of trees to be cut five times the General Directorate of Highways to be planted seedlings were recorded.
- bulun There are no natural lakes in the region -
6 thousand 173 hectares in the forest in the third airport to be made in the preliminary permit given in the statement, this area has not been made yet cut wood. 70 section of the area in the area of ​​forest cover is not indicated in the statement, where the mining work has been done.
In the news, 70 stated that the lake and the pond were damaged, and said: küçük There are no natural lakes in this region. The ponds, which are mentioned as lakes or ponds in the report, have been caused by water filled with pits resulting from mining activities in the area. Planned to be rehabilitated by our Ministry in case of damage to public health of these artificial ponds were already made plans. Sun
- idan 14 million 52 seedlings were planted in Istanbul -
On the other hand, in the statement highlighting the importance of increasing the forest assets in Istanbul, 2003 million 2013 thousand 11 saplings were planted in the last 14 year in 52-510 years.
On the European side of the European City Forest on the 520 hectare, Asian side of the Asian side of the forest on the Asian side of the 878 hectare will be established in the statement, the studies on this was pointed out.
The statement reads about the other issues included in the news:
Ular For the interaction with bird migration routes, 2 monitoring of bird migration throughout the year, taking necessary measures, determining the current biodiversity situation in the area, transporting the species to the appropriate habitats and examining the ecosystem characteristics of the pits formed as a result of mining activities were undertaken in the EIA report. Some changes have been made to reduce the impact of the route of the bridges and connecting roads on biological diversity and wildlife. In this context, it is foreseen that ecological corridor for wildlife will be constructed with route changes, tunnel and viaduct application.
There were no requests for permission regarding the Canal Istanbul Project. Following the clarification of the project and the route, the impact of the project on wildlife, ecosystem and biodiversity will be examined and necessary preventive and countervailing measures will be taken. Proje
In the statement, it was emphasized that these investment programs were carried out in accordance with the legal regulations and the works were carried out within the framework of the legal permits.

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